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Below are listed my latest publications that I have updated on my website. You can view them here http://www.sicklecell.md/publications_articles.asp

311 Konotey-Ahulu FID. Epistaxis from sickle cell disease must not be forgottenwww.bmj.com/content/344/bmj.e1097/rr/576087 BMJ Rapid Response 28 March 2012

312Konotey-Ahulu FID. World Sickle Cell Day 19th June 2012 www.sicklecell.md/blog/?p=132Featuring (i) The Inheritance of Sickle Cell Disease (ii) The Person with Sickle Cell Disease (iii) The Teenagwer with Sickle Cell Disease (iv) The Adult with Sickle Cell Disease.

313 Konotey-Ahulu FID. Further Communication on “Sickle Cell Trait Misinformation and Disinformation” and Sickle Cell Terminology: Disease or Disorder? www.sicklecell.md/blog/?p=127April 16 2012
314Konotey-Ahulu FID. Should clinicians edit Wikipedia to engage a wider world web? At least two examples of inaccuracy dictate caution www.bmj.com/content/345/bmj.e4275/rr/598116 BMJ 14 August 2012 Rapid Response

315Konotey-Ahulu FID. Management of an acute painful sickle cell episode in hospital: NICE guidance is frightening1 Sept 7 2012 www.bmj.com/content/344/bmj.e4063/rr/599158 [42 references]

316Konotey-Ahulu FID. Almost a quarter of Royal College Fellows say their hospitals cannot deliver continuity care. And they boast of something called National Institute of Clinical Excellence? www.bmj.com/content/345/bmj.e4942/rr/601191 September 7 2012 BMJ Rapid Response

317Konotey-Ahulu FID. There is no evidence that I was born on a Saturday. PRIVATE THOUGHTS – Postgraduate Medical Journal of Ghana 2012 (September); Volume 1, Number 1, pp 32-33 [Pointing out that the increasing use of “There is no evidence that ..” in scientific debate is itself unscientific]

318Konotey-Ahulu FID Bring back good quality paper in the print BMJwww.bmj.com/content/345/bmj.e6396/rr/610395 BMJ Rapid Response 23 October 2012


319Konotey-Ahulu FID. Diagnosis and management of pulmonary embolism.www.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.f767/rr/633072 BMJ Rapid Response 26 Feb 2013

320Konotey-Ahulu FID. Liverpool care pathway BMJ and Channel Four News: Majority expert choice does not mean best choice. March 8 2013 www.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.f1303/rr/634971BMJ Rapid Response to “Nine out of 10 palliative care experts would choose Liverpool care pathway for themselves” Krishna Chinthapalli BMJ 2013; 346: 1103 (March 2, pages 2-3)

321 Konotey-Ahulu FID. Christianity and Africa. New African 2013 March, page 4http://bit.ly/Z0eb1K

322Konotey-Ahulu FID. Importance of history in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolismwww.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.f1692 March 19
BMJ 2013; 366: F1692

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