Evidence in a post-truth world: Scientists’ Misinformation & Disinformation

Dr Margaret McCartney highlights something most doctors ignore [1] Her “seams of multiple misinformation” become disinformation when deliberate, as when “Journal agrees to retract paper after university found study was never done” [2].


“There is no real evidence that e-cigarettes do any harm”, is interpreted as “e-fags are harmless”. No evidence is increasingly used as evidence [3]. Prefix “scientific” to “truth”, and Einstein expects integrity. [4] When three doctors confessed that tests they published had been done were in fact not done I concluded letter to BMJ Editor Dr Martin Ware:

“Your readers, Sir, are interested in scientific truth. I am one of them, and the very least I am entitled to expect is that if evidence obtained from my own country cannot be scientific it should at least be true. – I am etc., F I D KONOTEY-AHULU” [5]


Lord Solly Zuckerman FRS said in his excellent article “Pride and Prejudice in Science” that disagreements about truth were often coloured by prejudice, and sometimes fraud. [6] I’ve discussed elsewhere experts’ disagreements. [7]. That Ethics is deprecated and Science re-defined by some scientists is sad. Two examples: (a) Design in nature is now not science [8]. (b) Programmes to genome-sequence whole populations anonymously [9 10] against which I have protested, indicating how dangerous this is in an “Anti-truth world” [11]. Had James Watson been genome-sequenced anonymously would the truth have come out?


James Watson announced that the current global genome-sequencing exercise would show that Africans were less intelligent than other “races” [12], using the term “race” just as Charles Darwin had done: “The Origin of Species By Natural Selection – Or The Preservation Of Favoured Races In The Struggle For Life” [13]. Watson’s three to four trillion DNA bits in his genome were sequenced only to discover that his great-grandparent was African [14]. Convinced he belonged to the “favoured white race” he in fact had a great-grand parent from the African “un-favoured race”. I commented: “Watson, still alive today in the USA, was thus brutally reminded not only that there is but one human race, but also that African genes contributed to the Nobel Prize in ‘Physiology or Medicine’ which he jointly won with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins in 1962 on the DNA Double Helix” [15]. James Watson’s opinion was taken as scientific truth because Nobel Laureates are not supposed to be economical with the truth. The Human Genome Project became suspect [11 16 17], and this exposes the
real problem with research in Human Sciences including IQ, Linguistics and even History. Researchers wax eloquent about “Evolutionary Ethics”, making ex cathedra statements like “The capacity to develop ethics is a product of biological evolution” [18]. Such Evolutionary Fundamentalism is considered “scientific truth” while “GOD commanded, and universe materialized” [19] is ridiculed?


Three events in a Lecture Series on Evolution by J Z Young FRS at University College London [20] convinced me that Darwin’s Evolution by Natural Selection never took place. It was more than 3 decades later that another Fellow of the Royal Society Professor Fred Hoyle would confirm my judgement: “How has the Darwinian theory of evolution by natural selection managed, for upwards of a century, to fasten itself like a superstition on so-called enlightened opinion? Why is the story still defended so vigorously?” [21] First event (a): J Z Young was comparing the brain of a new-born human baby with that of an adult chimpanzee [20]. His words “I do not know …” stunned me and Shirley Knight sitting together. (b) One student’s question “Why …?” brought the answer: “’Why?’ questions are not permitted here” (c) J Z Young kept saying “Theory of Evolution” over and over again. This world-authority on the human brain [22] who taught me not only “what to think” to pass exams, but also “how to think” to enable me criticise my teachers, led me to the conclusion I found Professor Fred Hoyle arriving at 3 decades later, namely that Darwin’s Evolution Emperor has no clothes! But then comes Paul Ehrlich [18] sprinkling his 531-page Evolution book with “Why?” questions that he blithely proceeds to answer with ex cathedra pronouncements!


This Welsh Genius [24] proved some “Truths” to be supra-scientific. [23]. I once wrote: “There is a vast area of man’s experience called the spiritual realm which neither Freudian psychoanalysis nor the scientific method can fathom” [25] Dr Lloyd-Jones’ books “Spiritual Depression” [26] and “Conversions Psychological and Spiritual” [27] support this. Because “approaches to scientific truth and spiritual truth are different” [25] one scientist will read Spiritual Depression “with much profit while another, with the same qualifications, will find it unintelligible” [25]. Dr Lloyd-Jones totally dismisses Darwin’s “races”. He recognises only intra-racial marriages: Google “Felix and Rosemary” [28].


Misinformation that Margaret McCartney mentions [1] can be counterbalanced using the same Internet when editors refuse to publish corrections [29]. Are Margaret’s two prescriptive suggestions [1] capable of identifying scientific liars [30-32] and lying journalists who suppress truth about Statins or whatever? [29]


“Did that happen?” is my best question to unravel truth. Was I born on a Saturday? Was I struck by lightning on a Friday 2 days before Christmas? Science can never be used to substantiate the truth behind these events [3 33-36], so why do we defer to Science to verify infinitely more important events defining Christmas? History beats Science [37]. Dismiss me as a creationist sermonizing, and I respond: a creationist is ‘a c’; I prefer to reverse the letters and be known as ‘C a’ – “CREATOR acknowledger” whose MILLENNIUM Hymn http://bit.ly/cRrZ0s spells out supra-scientific Truth [38] about The PERSON who said “Before Abraham was I AM” [39].
Conflict of Interest: Believer in The Lord Jesus Christ [Nuntsɔ Yesu Kristo]
Felix I D Konotey-Ahulu FGA MD(Lond) FRCP(Lond) FRCP(Glasg) DTMH(L’pool) FGCP FWACP FTWAS Kwegyir Aggrey Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics University of Cape Coast Ghana & Former Consultant Physician Genetic Counsellor in Sickle Cell and Other Haemoglobinopathies, 9 Harley Street, London W1G 9AL.
felix@konotey-ahulu.com Twitter@profkonoteyahul

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